Pluralism, Democracy, and Justice (PDJ)

PDJ specializes in contemporary political philosophy. Taking a problem-oriented approach, PDJ emphasizes the role that political philosophy can and should play in dealing with the real world challenges and conflicts of our time. Our research includes topics such as relational and distributive justice, democratic theory, the rights of vulnerable minorities, political polarization, extremism and radicalization, migration and integration, and the nature and jusification of territorial rights.

PDJ is currently led by Kim Angell and Kerstin Reibold.




No events are scheduled at the moment



24-25th October2023: Workshop with Emanuela Ceva (co-organized by PDJ, ERG, and FemPhil)

20-21st March 2023: PDJ workshop with Vittorio Bufacchi

10-12th May 2023: Goodint Project Workshop on Exclusion, integration, and democracy at UiT, Tromsø. One day of the 3-day workshop will be dedicated to a symposium with invited speakers on Patti Tamara Lenard’s book Exclusion and Democracy. See the Call for Papers here. Organized in collaboration with Goodint Project.

21-23rd June 2023: GOODINT international conference on Trust, Integration, and Social Cohesion at Memorial University Newfoundland. Organized in collaboration with Goodint Project.

Keynote speakers:

See the call for Papers here


Regular workshops:

PDJ organizes two regular workshops each year (Spring & Autumn) with both internal members and invited speakers. The workshops are thematically organized, and operate with a principle of pre-circulated papers, and plenty of time for discussion.


Annual conferences:

PDJ has a tradition of organizing an international conference in political philosophy at UiT. Previous conferences include:

2021: Democracy and Challenges of Populism

2020: GMR conference on Global Structural Injustice and Minority Rights (together with GMR project [Cancelled due to Covid-19]

2018: Refugees and Minority Rights (together with the GMR project)

2016: Active Citizenship Today: Discourses, Conditions, Contestations (together with the ACT project, PRIO/Oslo)

2015: Climate Change: Political and Ethical Strategies

2014: Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs

2013: Realizing Global Justice: Theory and Practice

2012: Secularism, Tolerance, and Religious Minorities


Collaboration projects:


Civic Constellation III: Democracy, Constitutionalism, and Anti-Liberalism. Hosted by University of Malaga (2019-2022)

The project aims at: Exploring the academic and public debates on the relations between democracy, constitutionalism, and anti-liberalism in Europe from a comparative, transnational perspective. Advancing new scholarly insights based on conceptual, argumentative, and rhetorical inquiries to shed light on the normative assumptions underneath recent anti-liberal and populist claims. Contributing to the public and academic awareness of the values of constitutionalism and the rule of law to the advancement of democracy. 

Indigenous Citizenship and Education (ICE). Hosted by the Center for Sami Studies (SESAM), UiT (2017-2022)

How does the education system treat indigenous peoples and indigenous issues? The project has three parts. Part One consists of political and philosophical analyses of concepts like ‘citizenship’ and ‘indigenous people’, connected to education and rights; and normative theories on the conditions of justice and equal rights. Part Two investigates how citizenship education happens in practice. Part Three is concerned with how the knowledge surrounding indigenous issues is created. 

COST Action RECAST: Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe. Hosted by University of Malaga (2017-2021)

Reactions to the growing conflicting claims on civic rights of individuals and groups in secularized societies framing new forms of ethnic, religious, and civil diversity, have been theorized largely in unrelated spheres. Very rarely have responses been produced by humanities’ and social sciences’ joint approaches. By advancing this form of cooperative research, COST Action seeks to bridge the gap that separates politics and policy action from humanities and social science research, and then provide new insights into the links (theoretical, political, and institutional) between civic rights and democracy in Europe.




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