Good Integration (GOODINT): Goals and bottlenecks of successful integration and social cohesion (2021-2025)

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The GOODINT project researches notions of equality of opportunity, cultural integration and social cohesion, and their impact on good integration. With a focus on three European contexts (Norway/Nordics, UK, and Hungary), GOODINT develops empirically informed theoretical knowledge on good integration: its meaning, value, and means of achieving it. The project is divided into three working packages. For more information, click here


Annamari Vitikainen (Principal investigator)
Kerstin Stefanie Reibold
Zsolt Kapelner
Sara Toffanin
Kasper Lippert- Rasmussen (Principal investigator)
Melina Duarte

Financial/grant information:

GOODINT is funded by The Research Council of Norway (NFR 313846), SAMKUL Program