Gear technology and processing in marine fisheries

Roger B. Larsen


Our research group works directly with the industry and the fisheries management, and deal primarily with: 

At sea

Our vision is to build a research group with focus on Arctic fishing gear technology. We will first hand work with the Norwegian fisheries sector, but at the same time keep the publishing level high for outreach to the international fishing gear society. We are prepared for engaging in processes at an international and intersectoral level in order to gain external funding to UiT.

The members of HARVEST have broad international networks and we will utilize this competence for developing both new and enhanced research areas, supervision and education. Our members and partners holds a marked impact inside our research area in organizations like the ICES and FAO.

Our goal is to gradually increase the number of members of research group HARVEST and to allocate more MSc and PhD students with the aim of a high candidate production. We will be visual through published science inside our research area and we will utilize our research for good teaching and supervision.



Our projects


 Information for students

Modern net fishing. Photo: Ivan Tatone


We can provide supervision for MSc-students within topics that include marine fishery. In order to collect data for the MSc-thesis it is an advantage if students can participate on research cruises onboard research vessels and/or commercial fishing vessels. It is also an advantage but not a requirement if candidates have experience from fishing. It is mandatory that students take the safety course at sea which is given each semester at UiT in order to participate on cruises. It is possible to choose interdisciplinary topics linked to ecology, fisheries biology, bio-economics and food safety.

Topics that are relevant for an MSc-thesis:

We cooperate with and perform assignments on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and fishing industry. The experiments are funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF), Regional Research Fund (RFF) and own funding. As an MSc-student it is not possible to receive any salary when collecting data for the thesis, however, data collection will neither cause any expenses.

Our national and international collaborators (see associated members) can offer exchange/collaboration outside UiT. As a MSc-student it is possible to arrange an exchange-semester at one of our collaborating institutes. Some of these institutes can offer collection of data and/or relevant courses.

Students should have an idea on which topic they find interesting. However, if requested we can help finding and designing a relevant topic for a thesis. We request students to write a short motivation letter describing their interest for a chosen topic and this field of research before signing a contract for supervision.

Guidelines for MSC students HARVEST

Current and former students

Some of the former PhD and MSc students (with main supervisor RB Larsen) on programmes Master of Fisheries and Aquaculture Science and Master of International Fisheries Management:

End of the year reports

RG HARVEST end of year report 2021
RG HARVEST end of year report 2020
RG HARVEST end of the year report 2019

Video recordings from fisheries

RV Helmer Hanssen February 2018

Shrimpgrate complilation 2015

SIMRAD OE 13-124 Alfredo 3 and SCSG March 2014

4 min groundgear comp

Loran mai 2013 kortfilm

Konvensjonell haling 1 min

NFLD pots near Tromsø (a)

Trawl opening behaviour March 2013

Hauling the bottom trawl (2 min)

Sea trials 2012 Nha Trang

Hauling operations trawls June Nha Trang 2010

HARVEST (Gear technology and processing in marine fisheries)
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