Cardiovascular Research Group

The Cardiovascular Research (CVR) Group  conducts physiological research with a focus on cardiovascular diseases, using intact animals, organs and isolated cells, aiming to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the disease development. The research has a translational aspect, reflected in a long-term collaboration with research groups both locally (Department of Clinical Medicine and the University Hospital of Northern Norway), nationally and internationally. The members of the CRV group are also involved in teaching physiology as part of many courses at the UiT, including the school of medicine, odontology, bachelor and master level in biomedicine, radiography-, nutrition, nursing, physiotherapy, paramedicine, dental hygiene and biomedical laboratory science

Our people

The Cardiovascular Research Group at IMB Foto: Oddleif Larsen

Back, left to right: Astri Jeanette Meen, Liv Tone Eliassen, Trine Lund, Ellen Aasum, Terje Larsen, Ole-Jakob How, Samuel Geiseler, John Martin Ming Fredriksen

Front, left to right: Britt Nanny Fuglesteg, Kirsti Ytrehus, Timofey Kondratyev, Asad Akhtar, Wei Li, Anne Dragøy Hafstad, Anne Catrine Furuheim Bryn, Joanna Konieczny, Neoma Boardman

Publications at CVRG

List of publications


The CRG have students from many of the study programs as bachelor, master and PhDs

Our projects

Events at the CRV group

Cardiovascular Research Group


Courses that group members are involved in:

 Bachelor in Biomedicine

 Master in Biomedicine

 Bachelor in laboratory science

 Bachelor in Nutrition

 Bachelor in physiotherapy

Bachelor in Paramedicine

Bachelor in Radiography

Bachelor nursing

 Bachelor in dental hygiene



 Master’s degree in Midwifery


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