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Work constitutes a big part of most adults' lives and can impact out health both positively and negatively.Occupational Health in the North is UiT's research group on occupational health. Our focus is health and safety at the workplace. We work interdisciplinary and practice-oriented, have a strong focus on prevention and health promotion, as well as user involvement. Our paramount motto is GOOD HEALTH AT WORK IS GOOD PUBLIC HEALTH.

You can read more about our strategy here.

Occupational health has gradually developed from a mono-disciplinary, risk-oriented activity to a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach that considers an individual's physical, mental and social well-being, general health and personal development (WHO). With their projects, Occupational Health in the North covers a wide area of research and focuses on occupational health in the context of public health, related to the Northern dimension.

The groups has a focus on interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial collaboration and works together with different specialist environments, both within UiT, nationally and internationally. It has network connections with workplaces in the regions, as well as certain industries nationally. The group's research is to be relevant for employees and employers alike. It has a special responsibility for challenges specific to working life in the North, while at the same time take into consideration that most workplaces are alike with those in other regions. Our methodological foundation is within the Department of Community medicine's population studies and epidemiological research methods and integrates aspects from basic and clinical research, as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

Our projects cover a wide area, from physical and biochemical exposures at the workplace to psychosocial work environment and health-promoting measures that can increase prosperity at work and prevent sickness absence.

We are working on our websites in English, as for now, you can read more about our projects in Norwegian in the section "prosjekter" or contact the research group's leader.


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by research group leader Anje Höper.


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