Women's Health and Perinatology


Our research group focuses on a combination of basic science (translational) and clinical research in the area of women’s health and perinatology. Current research focuses are fetalmaternal physiology and genetics, placenta, reproductive biology and immunology, evidence based pregnancy care and epidemiology, urogynecology and cronic pelvic pain.

Main research areas are:

Maternal and fetal cardiovascular physiology
Biology of normal and pathological placenta
Experimental feto-maternal medicine using animal models
Genetics of feto-maternal diseases
Epidemiologial studies related to obstetrics & gynecology and register-based studies
Preeclampsia, its pathophysiology and long-term consequences
Fetal-neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT)
Epidemiology-based studies on chronic pelic pain using data from Fit Futures and Tromsøstudien
Female urinary incontinence
Development and refinement of embryo culture media, pre-implantation biology, and clinical assisted reproduction
Oral health in pregnancy




Our list of publications can be found by clicking here: Christin




Women's Health and Perinatology

Heidi Tiller: heidi.tiller@uit.no
Mona Nystad: mona.nystad@uit.no
Nora Hersoug Nedberg: nora.h.nedberg@uit.no
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