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Tromsø Endocrine Research Group focuses on a variety of endocrinologic research questions. A main focus area is steroid hormones, historically through a combined approach of epidemiological, laboratory and RCT studies on effects of vitamin D. In recent years the focus has been expanded to include adrenal hormones and sex hormones with a goal of building up a platform for studies on reproductive health, based on data collections like Fit Futures. We have a strong laboratory platform when it comes to both mass spectrometric methods for hormone measurements as well as endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs) through the collaboration with The Environmental Pollutant Laboratory at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, UNN Tromsø, which facilitates studies on effects of EDCs on endocrine health.

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Latest publications

Longitudinal assessment of classic and 11-oxygenated androgen concentrations and their association with type 2 diabetes mellitus development: the Tromsø study (Academic article) DOI
Analysis of Hydroxylated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Cotinine, and Creatinine by Convergence Chromatography Tandem Mass-Spectrometry (Poster)
Vitamin D Status During Adolescence and the Impact of Lifestyle Changes: 2 Years' Follow-up From the Fit Futures Study (Academic article) ARKIV / DOI

Collaborating projects

Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for treatment of adolescent anorexia nervosa – A randomized controlled pilot study.

P.I. Per Aslaksen, IPS, UiT

Grant from HN

Collaborators: Guri Grimnes, Yngve Figenschau, Ole-Martin Fuskevåg


FENDURA – ernæring, beinhelse, hormoner, og prestasjon hos kvinnelige idrettsutøvere

P.I. Boye Welde, Idrettshøgskolen, UiT

Grant from TFS

Collaborators: Ole-Martin Fuskevåg, Guri Grimnes


Dynamic hormone diagnostic in adrenal disease

P.I. Eystein Husebye, Helse Vest

Grant from NFR

Collaborators: Guri Grimnes


RCT – type of cortisone substitution in Addison disease

P.I. Eystein Husebye, Helse Vest

Grant from NFR


Steroid hormone levels and diabetes in the Tromsø Study

P.I. Vivian Berg, IMB, UiT

Grant from HN

Collaborators: Ole-Martin Fuskevåg, Rolf Jorde, Guri Grimnes

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