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CIRCULUS deals with the recycling and reuse of concrete. Today, concrete is one of the most widely used building materials and accounts for around 7% of total CO2 emissions in the world. The background for the project is future requirements within the EU (which also includes Norway) regarding recycling of at least 70% of so-called non-hazardous construction and demolition waste, including concrete. The construction industry, the municipalities and other actors are thus facing an upcoming shift in relation to how this type of construction waste is to be handled.

Through CIRCULUS, key players seek to gain new knowledge that can provide increased recycling and lower environmental footprints for concrete structures in a life cycle perspective. The project includes research related to environmental impacts, condition mapping, dismantling and demolition, logistics, treatment and separation, reuse and recycling, product development, and analysis of sustainability.

CIRCULUS will help lift concrete higher up in the waste pyramid, with a focus on reuse and recycling that provides increased value creation. The goal is to achieve 75% reuse and recycling of concrete structures and 75% reduced energy consumption. Environmental and climate benefits will be achieved through lower consumption of cement and new material, less emissions and landfill, reduced environmental impact (noise, dust). The results of the project will bring us closer to several of the UN's sustainability goals. In the project, the entire value chain is represented. Such a holistic way of thinking means that the circular value chain for concrete is taken care of.
For more information visit the website of CIRCULUS (in Norwegian)


The project is being carried out in collaboration with:

  • Østbø AS
  • Sintef Norlab AS
  • Iris Produksjon AS
  • Avinor
  • Defense building
  • Jaro AS
  • AF Decom AS
  • Bodø Municipality
  • Nordland Betongelement AS
  • Mapei AS
  • Norcem AS
  • Nordland Betong AS
  • From
  • Sintef Narvik AS
  • Sintef Helgeland AS
  • NTNU
Start: mai 01. 2019
End: april 30. 2023
Unit: UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Norges forskningsråd


Leif-Gunnar Hanssen
Tazrin Ahmed
Ashfaque Ahmed Jhatial
Boy-Arne Persson-Buyle
Iveta Novakova


  1. Sand Replacement by Fine Recycled Concrete Aggregates as an Approach for Sustainable Cementitious Materials (Academic chapter/article/Conference paper)
  2. Verification of potential of fine fracture from various industrial wastes to become new SCMs tested by R3 method (Poster)
  3. Verification of potential of fine fracture from various industrial wastes to become new SCMs tested by R3 method (Poster)
  4. Use of recycled aggregate in concrete production (Lecture)
  5. Concrete reuse and recirculation (Lecture)