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Artful Dementia Research Lab (ADLab) is both a research and an intervention project financed by UiT The Arctic University of Norway. On the basis of situated interventions with the creative and performative arts the ADLab has a twofold goal:

(1) to advance knowledge on how to enact dementia beyond individual human loss

(2) to promote research-based cultural change and increase awareness on how to create meaningful reciprocal relations between people living with and without dementia.

The Artful Dementia Research Lab at UiT The Arctic University of Norway conducts research on innovative understandings of ageing and dementia. On the basis of experimental interventions with the creative and performative arts our researchers investigate other ways of living with and relating to dementia. Series of art interventions become thereby a mode of social science knowledge generation. Through developing a new conceptual repertoire, research conducted within the Artful Dementia Research Lab contributes to complementing medical and pharmacological interventions with experimental art interventions that are sensitive to socio-material dimensions of everyday life.

The Artful Dementia film is based on a set of video recordings collected at Bergsodden residential care home in February 2020. All those who wanted to participate had been informed about the broad outline of the project, and that the whole session would be filmed. All participants, and legally authorized representatives (next of kin) when needed, gave informed and proxy consent in advance. Furthermore, we collected consent by editing by watching the film together with the residents and their next of kin who all agreed orally to publish it publicly and make it available for researchers and others who want to change perceptions of dementia. ® Artful Dementia Research Lab / RESULT at UiT The Arctic University of Norway 2021 Citation: Lilli Mittner, Tiia Grøn, & Terje Bergli. (2021). Artful Dementia Film 2021. UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

ADLab webinars

ADlab webinar series is a format of scholarly conversation that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines who are working on art & dementia. By making our conversations transparent and openly accessible we invite a broader audience to listen and take part in knowledge creation. All recording and data handling is declared with the panelists. #openresearch #consentbyediting #academickindness

#1 ADLab Webinar: Clothing the clown. Creative dressing in day-centre for people with dementia (Ruud Hendriks, Maastricht)

#2 ADLab Webinar: Challenging Perceptions of Old Age and Art (Ingrid Tranum Velásquez, Copenhagen) 

#3 ADLab Webinar: The situated/spatial ethics of dementia activism research (Professor Ruth Bartlett, VID Specialised University)

#4  ADLab Webinar: Dear future self with dementia. Articulating inclusive futures through letter writing (Annelieke Driessen, London)


How to engage in knowledge creation within ADLab? Foto: adlab
Digital Data Handling within ADLab Foto: adlab



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Conference Presentations, Poster & Workshops

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