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Ocean Leadership - experience-based master


Duration:3 Years
Credits (ECTS):90
Qualification:Master’s degree in Ocean Leadership
Admission requirements:

BA/BSc level of university education, preferably within one of the disciplines of the program, such as marine biology, oceanography, digital technologies, international law, and political science.  

A minimum of 2 years of leadership experience is required, and at least 5 years of relevant work practice following graduation.

Application deadline:1. mars
Application code:

Nordic applicants: 6015. International applicants: 2074.

Only Nordic applicants for Autumn 2022.

Programme description

The objective of the program is to strengthen students´ strategic competences in identifying and developing integrated solutions for the oceans. Students will engage in problem-based learning, developing leadership skills for dealing with ocean challenges. The potential of the digital revolution is a key feature.

Expertise in designing and implementing integrated ocean solutions is scarce. Capacity building in this respect is critical to address emerging challenges. The program builds such capacities in the students´ workplace, ensuring a return on the investment for the employer.

The program is part-time over three years, with the first two years containing four modules addressing sustainable ocean leadership, oceans in change, blue innovation, and ocean futures respectively. Each of the modules addresses challenges relating to leadership, ocean governance, and digitalization.

The 5-6th semester is devoted to an Ocean leadership master’s thesis (30 ECTS) on a topic of importance to the employer and will take place in the student’s regular work environment. The thesis work will be mentored by a skilled oceans supervisor team.

The program will start in the autumn of 2022, with admissions of Nordic applicants. Later admissions will also be opened for international applicants.  

Programme structure

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
Semester 1
SVF-3401 Sustainable Ocean Leadership (15 STP/ECTS)
Semester 2
SVF-3402 Oceans in Change - Leadership Challenges (15 STP/ECTS)
Semester 3
SVF- 3403 Blue Innovation (15 STP/ECTS)
Semester 4
SVF- 3404 Ocean Futures (15 STP/ECTS)
Semester 5
SVF- 3409 Master’s Thesis in Ocean Leadership (15 STP/ECTS)
Semester 6
SVF- 3409 Master’s Thesis in Ocean Leadership (15 STP/ECTS)

Learning outcomes

A candidate who has completed his or her qualification should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence: 



General competence: 

Teaching and assessment

The program is organized with 3 class sessions of 3 days per semester. Students are also expected to work with tasks via a digital platform, in addition to self-study, between sessions.

Each course description specifies the means used to assess its stated learning outcomes, which may include lectures, seminars, group work, project-based tasks, written assignments, group or individual presentations, and oral examinations.  

Language of instruction