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PhD Programme in Health Sciences


Duration:3 År
Credits (ECTS):180
Qualification:Philosophiae doctor in Health Sciences
Admission requirements:
Application deadline:

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Programme description

The PhD programme in Health Sciences is a structured research education and consist of independent research work with a doctoral thesis (150 credits) and a training component (30 credits).

The programme is standardized to a three year duration, extended to four year for mandatory duties. Part-time study is possible, with a requirement that at least 50 % of the working hours will be dedicated to the PhD programme.

The PhD programme follows this structure:

Training component:

Courses within the training component should be at a doctoral level and cover topics including scientific theory, ethics, and communication. The training component is worth 30 credits, with a minimum of 20 credits completed after admission.

Mandatory courses:

Optional courses (20 credits):

Programme structure

10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
1. sem. (autumn) HEL-8900 Ph.d.-avhandling i helsevitenskap - 150 stp.
2. sem. (spring) HEL-8040 Theory of science, research ethics and research design - 7 stp.
3. sem. (autumn)
4. sem. (spring)
5. sem. (autumn)
6. sem. (spring) HEL-8890 Ph.d. prøveforelesning i helsevitenskap - 0 stp.
7. sem. (autumn)
8. sem. (spring)
9. sem. (autumn)
10. sem. (spring)
11. sem. (autumn)
12. sem. (spring)

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the PhD programme, the candidate will have achieved the following learning outcomes:


The candidate can:


The candidate can:

General Competence:

The candidate:

Teaching and assessment

Teaching methods for courses within the training compoentn may include lectures, seminars and/or guidance through written or oral presentation. The specific teaching methods and extent are further detailed in the individual course description.

For the doctoral thesis, the primary teaching method consist of guidance provided by appointed main- and co-supervisor(s).

At the midpoint of the study period, the candidate’s progress will be evaluated. This mid-way assessment take form of a seminar where the candidate and the supervisor meet with an evaluation committee consisting of two faculty members with a doctoral degree or equivalent. Successfully completing the mid-way assessment is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for submitting the PhD thesis for evaluation, unless the candidate is admitted to an abbreviated PhD programme.

Learning amd assessment methods are described in more details in the course outline for HEL-8900 Doctoral Thesis in Health Sciences

Language of instruction

The teaching language for PhD courses in the training component is Norwegian/ Nordic and/or English.

The thesis, including the abstract, should have a consistent language. As a general rule this should be English. Norwegian or another Nordic language may be accepted. The choice of language should be specified in the admission application and approved by the admission committee.

Exchange possibilities

The study program utilizes the following measures for internationalization:

Job prospectives

A PhD degree in Health Sciences qualifies individuals for a wide range of position both within and outside academia, where candidates are needed to: