Plasma biomarkers for COVID-19 vascular pathology

Accumulating evidence indicates that endothelial dysfunction and associated prothrombotic state underlies severe COVID-19 pathophysiology. Why some individuals develop severe disease and who is at risk of long term sequele and complications remains an unanswered question. This project aims to identify biomarkers associated with progression to severe or critical disease in patients initially presenting with moderate symptoms and biomarkers associated with long term complications. Candidate selection for screeing is largestly based on the endothelial specific proteomoe (see project ´Endothelial enriched genes´) and genes that we have previously identified as associated with general vascular health (see project ´Plasma biomarkers for endothelial dysfunction´).

Ultimately this information could be used to develop and validate biomarker-based prediction models as clinical tools to predict the likely course of disease progression and risk of short and long term complications.

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Jacob Odeberg (Principal investigator)
Lynn Butler (Principal investigator)
Maria Jesus Iglesias