Uncharacterised endothelial cell gene function

We use bioinformatic based analysis of RNAseq data to identify genes that are specifically expressed in endothelial cells in different human organs (see project ´Endothelial enriched genes´). We study the expression of these candidates in population based or clinical cohorts, using both plasma proteomics and genetics, to identify candidates that are associated with endothelial dysfunction or cardiovascular disease development.

We prioritise functional studies of uncharacterised genes, which can be challenging to work on - often lacking tested reagents, such as antibodies. We use overexpression systems, knockdown and imaging techniques to characterise protein expression profiles and investigate their function using model vessels made from human endothelial cells. We can study how changes in the expression of these proteins can effect key endothelial functions, such as the control of leukocyte recruitment and thrombosis development from whole blood.


Lynn Butler (Principal investigator)
Eike Christopher Struck
Marthe Norreen-Thorsen
Maria Jesus Iglesias
Philip Dusart