PhD project: Physical activity and bone health. The Tromsø Study

Paper I: Mikkila S, Calogiuri G, Emaus N, Morseth B. A cross-sectional and 6-year follow-up study of associations between leisure time physical activity and vertebral fracture in adults. BMC musculoskeletal disorders. 2019;20(1):435.

Paper II: Mikkila S, Johansson J, Nordstrom A, Nordstrom P, Emaus N, Handegard BH, et al. A 15-year follow-up study of hip bone mineral density and associations with leisure time physical activity. The Tromso Study 2001-2016. PLoS One. 2022;17(1):e0262228.

Paper III: Cross-sectional associations between accelerometer-measured physical activity and hip bone mineral density. The Tromsø Study 2015–2016 ( Mikkilä, Saija; Handegård, Bjørn Helge; Johansson, Jonas; Hopstock, Laila; van den Tillaar, Roland ; Emaus, Nina; Morseth, Bente; Welde, Boye), submitted dec 23.

Other publications:

Johansson J, Emaus N, Geelhoed B, Sagelv E, Morseth B. Vertebral Fractures Assessed by Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry and All-Cause Mortality: The Tromso Study, 2007-2020. Am J Epidemiol. 2023;192(1):62-9.

Physical activity, osteoporosis, and fracture risk : long-term associations in a general population


Bente Morseth (Principal investigator)
Saija Mikkilä

Financial/grant information:

Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening