Mathematical Structures in Computations – A UiT Aurora Center

The Aurora Center MASCOT will unify and advance research frontiers in the interplay of pure mathematics and computations by exploring fundamental mathematical structures and their increasing significance for modern algorithms and novel program architectures. Indeed, abstractions and ideas from pure mathematics generate crucial insights into the structure of computational algorithms and discretization techniques underlying numerical modeling and physical simulations. But large computations have also become more relevant for research in pure mathematics recently, as increasing computing power offers new possibilities to explore abstract structures and rigorously prove theoretical results that have been out of reach in the past due to their complexity. Between these two poles of interactions, the proposed Aurora Center will unite experts to reveal and exploit fundamental structures of mathematical computations explore the algebraic and geometric nature of computational complexity, and analyze structural methods to reduce this complexity, as well as to adapt these methods to concrete applications in optimization, control theory, and robotics.

A description of the project can be found here.