WP1 - Description of a resource based economy in terms of ES dependence

Aim of the work package: To formulate a conceptual model for a resource based economy, where subsistence activities and socio-cultural values play a role for the welfare of the households.

The model will be set up for an economy depending on marine ecosystem services, and based on an existing mapping of marine ecosystem services in the Norwegian and Barents Seas, and adjoining fjords and coastal areas. This work will serve as basis for the extended cost-benefit analysis’ and bio-economic models in work package 4, especially when analysing effects of conservation preferences and distributional effects of potential redistributions of ecosystem service utilization.


Claire Armstrong (Principal investigator)
Vera Helene Hausner

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Armstrong, Claire (2019) Conceptual model for a resource based economy, in Olaussen, J.O. (ed) Contributions in natural resource economics. Fagbokforlaget.