Nordlige Hager/Gárbbis

Nordlige Hager/Gárbbis is a qualification project between Tromsø municipality, Department for Kindergartens; UiT/ BARNkunne and the architect and artist, Joar Nango. Nordlige Hager will create an outdoor environment with a playground that reflects the local cultural and natural landscape in Tromsø. The project explores how a local meeting place rooted in Sami culture and located in the outdoor area of the kindergarten can contribute to strengthening the linguistic and cultural identity of the children. The project can simultaneously be seen as part of the process of conveying Sami culture to all kindergarten children. The purpose is to create places grounded in local Sami culture and use of nature where children from different cultures can meet. A place where sense of security, positive experiences and belonging can be created for all children as part of social sustainability Funded by RFF Arktisk [sic: RFF Arkrtis] (regional research fund).


Anne Myrstad (Principal investigator)