Collaboration during the day care years in pediatric physical therapy

Our overarching goal in this study is to develop new knowledge that will improve the delivery of family centered physical therapy services in the municipalities. We want to explore the collaborative work between parents, physical therapists and day care personnel during the day care years. We will identify facilitators and barriers of collaboration and explore solutions to overcome these barriers as part of the research process. By this, we can develop new solutions for how PTs, working parents and day care personnel can continue to build a partnership based on shared decision making, goals and priorities for the child.  The overall research question is: How can physical therapists, parents and day care personell exchange information and learn from each other in their collaborative work to promote the child’s motor development during the day care years? 

A pilot study is currently running with Kenneth P. Laumann as daily manager. The main project will start in sept 2022 with PhD-student Ida Helene Yksnøy as daily manager. 

Rannei Sæther, Associate Professor at Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare is co-supervisor in the project. 


Ragnhild B. Håkstad (Principal investigator)
Ida Helene Yksnøy
Kenneth Pedersen Laumann
Gunn Kristin Øberg

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