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Science is a social endeavor

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In a world perspective, Norway is unique with its immense number of lakes and rivers of great economic and recreational values. These abundant freshwater habitats also constitute excellent model systems both for exploring basic ecological research topics as well as for developing good management strategies. The research profile of the Freshwater Ecology Group (FEG) has always been in the intersection between these two important areas, and as such is well renowned with many collaborators both nationally and internationally.

The research of the group is focused on freshwater and fish ecology, with special emphasis on population, community and evolutionary ecology, trophic interactions and food web characteristics, parasitology, and migratory behaviour.

What do you become with a degree in Freshwater Ecology?

A hot item on the job market! Management of our freshwater resources is one of our most important tasks, and there's a large need for you out there. Here's an overview of where our candidates have ended up after their studies (only include Norway)


Our projects


Anders Klemetsen                                     researchgate

Raul Primicerio                 google.scholar , researchgate

Per-Arne Amundsen        google.scholar , researchgate

Christian Selbach             google.scholar , researchgate

Rune Knudsen                 google.scholar , researchgate

Eloise Rochat                   google.scholar , researchgate

Gabrielle Grenier                                        researchgate

Aslak Smalås                    google.scholar , researchgate


Freshwater Ecology Group – Science is a social endeavor

NFH Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
UiT – The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø, NO-9037, Norway

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