VirtualStain – Artificial intelligence solutions to virtually stain label-free cell and tissue images for studying cardiovascular diseases of fish and mammals

VirtualStain will develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools to process, label and analyse microscopy and nanoscopy images of tissues and cells. This will make the time-consuming task of chemically staining (with noxious chemicals) such images obsolete. Applying AI to such a task will also enable researcher to image and label living tissues and cells, and follow them in real-time. New insights provided on tissue and cell function through these enhanced labelling and monitoring processes will allow for the development of complex and dynamic AI models of tissue and cells systems for use in medical research.

Start: January 01. 2020
End: December 31. 2024

Project categories: Applied Research
Academic disciplines: Physics / Cell biology / Computer technology
Keywords: Microscopy / Data analysis


Funding: UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Alexander Horsch
Dilip K. Prasad
Frank Melandsø
Krishna Agarwal
Truls Myrmel
Åsa Birna Birgisdottir
Roy Ambli Dalmo
Jaya Kumari Swain


  1. Digital Staining of Mitochondria in Label-free Live-cell Microscopy (Academic chapter/article/Conference paper)