ViVaAct: Comparing the protection of attenuated and inactivated virus vaccines against PD and HSMB

In Norwegian salmon farming, about 20% of the fish that are released in the sea do not reach the slaughter age.  Two  of the diseases causing outbreaks in Norwegian  farms are  Pancreatic Disease (PD) and Cardiovascular Muscle Inflammation (HSMI). In experimental immunization and challenge trials of short (min 6 weeks) and long (min 6 months) duration, we will investigate the protective effect of live and inactivated vaccines  against these diseases. A main focus for the NFH team is to characterise specific humoral and cellular responses to these vaccines.  We will specifically investigate B cells, that is, antibody producing cells, and the type of long-term protective effects these cells have. One important aim is to compare B cell responses in the systemic organs (head kidney and spleen) versus  the local response in the peritoneum,,wshere the vaccines are administered. In ViVaAct, methods including ELISpot, Flow cytometry analysis, RNAseq and epigenomics will be included.

Project ID Cristin: 642051



Espen Rimstad
Ingvill Jensen
Linn Greiner-Tollersrud
Henriette Rogstad Nordli
Guro Strandskog
Jorunn Jørgensen

Financial/grant information:

 The Research Council of Norway:  Project No 200847