CRISPRized Immortality - Novel approaches to immortalize fish cell lines

Utilize CRISPR technology to immortalize A. salmon cell lines for use in in vitro experiments to understand how salmon immune response combat viral diseases.

Disease continues to be a major challenge for the aquaculture industry resulting in large economical losses and devastatingly negative impacts on fish health. Today the most important prophylactic strategy in the Norwegian aquaculture is vaccination. However, despite recent advances development of next-generation fish vaccines remains challenging. To be able to improve vaccine efficacy a more in depth understanding of how fish protective mechanisms are generated are needed. Essential to achieving this is more sophisticated tools designed specifically for studying salmon immunity. Two key tools are i) salmon cell lines, used as understudies to live fish in a broad range of immunological studies and, ii) salmon specific monoclonal antibodies, used to identify and measure specific immune cells. To date, both salmon cell lines and salmon specific antibodies are lacking.

Project ID in Cristin: 2035452


Eva-Stina Isabella Edholm (Principal investigator)
Mehrdad Sobhkhez

Financial/grant information:

Norges Forskningsråd HAVBRUK Grant number 295036