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Herøysund bridge condition evaluation


Herøysund bridge is a post-tensioned bridge located in Nordland Fylkeskommune. Recent inspections have identified
corrosion in the tendons of the post-tension system. The bridge was recently strengthened to extend the service life of the
structure. A replacement of the bridge has been planned and the old bridge will be demolished. This case constitutes an
excellent case study to try to improve current engineering practice in structural assessment of existing structures, by
applying the latest scientific developments. Nordland Fylkeskommune together with Statens Vegvesen consider that the
in-depth evaluation of this bridge can bring additional knowledge and better understanding of a structure’s state,
deterioration mechanism and structural safety. This will contribute towards the refined and improved structural assessment

Project goals:

  • Gather as much information as possible about the current state of the bridge
  • Perform structural health monitoring of the bridge using the existing sensor installation together with a new extended sensor installation
  • Perform inspections on the post-tensioned system of the bridge, understand the corrosion mechanism and review best practices for reparation
  • Structural assessment and evaluation of different damage scenarios
  • Take advantage of probabilistic methods to evaluate the reliability of the results


  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - 
  • Stiftelsen for industriell of teknisk forskning (Sintef)
  • The Artic University of Norway (UiT)
  • Nordland Fylkeskommune (NFK)
  • Statens Vegvesen (SVV)

Work Packages:

  • WP1: Structural health monitoring
  • WP2: Corrosion inspection, assessment, and repair
  • WP3: Structural assessment with damaged post-tension
  • WP4: Reliability and uncertainty quantification
  • WP5: Management and publicity
Start: September 01. 2022
End: December 31. 2025
Unit: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Project categories: Applied Research / Shared Cost Project
Academic disciplines: Simulation, visualisation, signal processing, image analysis / Electronics / Technology / Construction technology


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
Nordland county


Daniel Cantero Lauer
Bård Arntsen
Iveta Novakova
Harpal Singh