The Coordinated Youth Project (CYPRO)

A study to increase collaboration between public agencies and youth to prevent juvenile crime

CYPRO explores innovative efforts between youth and public agencies in Tromsø municipality to meet the societal challenges of crime, drug use and poor health. The aim is to identify the conditions for efficient collaboration between public agencies to respond to these societal challenges and, in so doing, engage youth in the dialogue with public agencies.

Specifically, the project explores the U16 project, established in 2019, aimed at reducing juvenile crime and drug use by coordinating and connecting the public agencies to typical youth arenas (schools, home, leisure, and digital platforms) and implement individual plans to interact with, follow up, and meet youth’ needs. By following the U16 project in Tromsø, we will investigate collaboration and coordinated work within the team, and together with the youth. 


Inger Marie Holm (Principal investigator)