Distributed Arctic Observatory (DAO)

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The goal of the DAO project is to do a distributed in-situ observation system comprised of small cyber-physical sensor nodes for the resource-constrained arctic tundra.


  • To increase the energy efficiency and decrease the energy usage of the nodes' hardware and software beyond state of the art to achieve a battery-dependent operational lifetime of at least one year when using smaller batteries
  • To energy-efficiently increase the nodes ability to reach a data network with small unobtrusive antennas and on-node radios
  • To energy-efficiently increase the success of distributing and installing updates on deployed nodes
  • To energy-efficiently process and report collected observational image data without significantly decreasing the accuracy (and other relevant metrics) when using a remote deep learning network to identify objects in the images


  • Several publications at international peer-reviewed conferences reporting on the above objectives and the prototypes built
  • Several prototype sub-systems for the individual objectives

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Otto Johan Anshus (Principal investigator)
Loïc Guégan
Issam Rais
John Markus Bjørndalen

Financial/grant information:

The Research Council of Norway