FemmEXD - Women and men diagnosed with ADHD as adults

The project is led by associate professor Marta Maria Goerecka in the Research Group for Behaviour, Aging and Dementia at the Department of Psychology (IPS), UiT

The data collection takes place at the Psychological Clinic at IPS


FemmEXD: Neuropsychological Functioning and Mental Health in Women and Men Diagnosed with ADHD in Adulthood.

ADHD is a lifelong disorder affecting 2-7% of adults, associated with increased risk for physical and mental health issues. Research highlights gender-specific differences in symptoms, with women more frequently exhibiting inattention and impulsivity, whereas men often display hyperactivity and behavioral problems. These differences pose diagnostic challenges, particularly in women who are often identified later in life, typically in the context of treatment for other mental disorders like depression or anxiety. Undiagnosed ADHD in women heightens the risk for mental disorders and social challenges, and imposes economic burdens on society. There is a critical need to enhance the understanding of ADHD in women, especially those who are high-functioning cognitively and often overlooked.

The FemmEXD project aims to investigate patterns of neuropsychological, neurobiological, and mental functioning in women and men diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and to compare these with women and men diagnosed in youth/childhood


Karen Hopmann
Ingvild Nordnes Myrbakk
Jørgen Sundby
Geir Fagerjord Lorem

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Internally at the Department of Psychology, UiT