(Inactive page) WP 6 Education and transition phases, student knowledge and training

Work package leader:
Associate Professor Kristin Benjaminsen Borch

Main objective: Build a research program together with students, for students and of students in order to increase knowledge of the transition from youth to adult during the important years in which young people start their studying carrier at universities, and integrate education and research in student active learning.

Title Description Pl Participants Collaborators Status
 The UiT Student Welfare Study The aim for this task is to plan and develop a study on student welfare at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway at all 11 campus sites in Troms, Finnmark and Nordland. The Student Parliament, the Arctic Student Welfare Organization, Tromsø municipality and ISM will take part in the planning process. An important task is to write applications for external funding of data collection. The UiT Student Welfare Study will emphasize factors contributing to health and well-being as social network and relationships, empowerment        
Public Health in education The specific aim for this task is to integrate the research program into students’ learning process with the opportunity for students of several disciplines at UiT to take part in the research program i.e. Master in Public Health, medicine, PhD research schools, other health professional studies and other study programs relevant in public health. We aim to educate student ambassadors in public health. One task will be active involvement of students in performing small pilot studies on dietary interventions; i.e master students in nutrition will plan menus, students from cook (chef) education will prepare meals in collaboration with the Arctic Student Welfare Organization, nurses, bioengineers and medical students will be involved in blood sampling, and analysis of markers in blood (lipids and immunomarkers) will be done by the bioengineers/biochemistry students. PhD students in epidemiology will help plan, implement and perform statistical analysis of the study. A second task is to integrate and develop student-centered research projects. in the KRAFTFORSK facilities. This is comprehensive student exercise facility at UiT campus, that has an incorporated municipal general practice (GP) health center and associated laboratory facilities.