Computational Analytics and Intelligence (CAI)


The Computational Analytics and Intelligence (CAI) group investigates new ways of building intelligent computer systems and autonomous intelligent systems, using, among many techniques, data analytics, decision-support and decision-making with reasoning. Our aim is to push the limits further in terms of scalability, efficiency, robustness, security, dependability, autonomy, and real-time capabilities.

CAI includes artificial intelligence (AI) areas and fields, such as computational analytics and intelligence and cybernetics, and conducts research enabling scientific discoveries by applying algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies in data, test hypotheses, create models, and quantify uncertainties. AI is about software systems that resemble human intelligence or act as human beings while performing tasks and that can reason, execute plans and perform striving towards autonomous decision-making and actions.

CAI conducts research within machine intelligence and AI in a broad sense providing many opportunities for research collaboration and innovation. As the group’s main focus is research on systems and application areas, mathematical models and physical aspects are typically explored in close collaboration with experts from the respective disciplines: manufacturing (Industry 4.0), health, biology, energy, and society are domains the group is particularly interested in. 

The CAI research group has developed into two different research teams: one that focuses on Computational Analytics and Intelligence and Cybernetics (CAI team), and one that focuses on Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence