PhD Projects

  1. Overcoming the challenge of expanding existing wastewater treatment plants in the cold climate region by a biological step focusing on the technical and socio-economic feasibility (Elina Domscheit)
  2. Enhancing AI Systems through Representative Dataset, Transfer Learning, and Embedded Vision (Ravindra R. Patil)
  3. Energy Efficient Renovation of Buildings and HVAC Systems (Liguo Chen)
  4. Machine Learning in Continuum Materials Mechanics (Pouya Fahimi)
  5. Winterization of ship design, offshore facilities and marine outdoor working environment (Aleksandra Visich)
  6. Design and Analysis of Microbial Fuel Cell for Waste Water Treatment (Aritro Banerjee)
  7. Green Arctic Building (Lucrezia Ravasio)
  8. Operative temperature, room design and occupant behaviour (Stutee Tamrakar)
  9. Improving geo-spatial analysis for agriculture and inland aquaculture land uses by integrating Remote sensing and cloud technology.
  10. Investigating Novel Combination of Materials to Improve the Performance of Bipolar Plates Used In PEM Fuel Cells
  11. Diurnal and Seasonal variation of surface water quality in Gosthani Velpuru canal for developing a prediction model using Invasive Weed Optimization algorithm (IWO)
  12. Studies on Stability analysis of Thermochemical and Biochemical Bioenergy Systems (with special reference to Parametric Sensitivity)
  13. Building design strategy for cold climate using passive design and renewable technologies