Industry 5.0 enabled Smart Logistics - A Global Perspective

Given the importance of human centricity, resilience, and sustainability, Industry 5.0 (the fifth Industrial revolution) pushes forward the research frontier of the technology-focused Industry 4.0 to a sustainable socio-economic transition driven by both humans and disruptive technologies.

Industry 5.0 provides opportunities to improve the smartness and sustainability of various logistics operations through digitalization and human-machine collaboration. However, there is a lack of established research and educational modules in this field. The goal of the project "Industry 5.0 enabled Smart Logistics: A Global Perspective" is to establish a platform for knowledge building and transfer, develop new educational modules, and promote student and staff exchanges between the partners: UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and Southwest Jiaotong University (SJU) in China. The project will provide new knowledge and new courses on using smart technological enablers to improve the economic, environmental, and societal sustainability of logistics activities in a collaborative environment between humans and machines.

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Partners: UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Southwest Jiaotong University