Arctic Green Computing (AGC)


The Arctic Green Computing (AGC) group aims at addressing energy efficiency, system complexity and dependability across mobile, embedded and data-center systems. Energy efficiency is turning into a major criterion for sustainable computing systems and services over the data deluge. Energy-efficient computing benefits not only the traditional market segments but also emerging market segments such as the cyber-physical enabled world, where billions of intelligent embedded devices will connect with HPC systems and with each other, without human intervention. More energy-efficient and dependable cyber-physical systems (CPS) will increase the deployment of CPS as intelligent components in other market segments such as energy, healthcare, smart communities and transportation, and will have a significant impact on the economics, society and environment.

Our current research interests include fundamental technologies for developing energy-efficient, intelligent, dependable and scalable computing systems. We develop holistic cross-disciplinary approaches to consider and integrate multiple disciplines forming foundations for a new energy-efficient intelligent dependable computing paradigm.




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Arctic Green Computing (AGC)

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