Care for patients with complex needs of treatment and care in the municipal health care service

The overall purpose of the project is to promote a good health care to several ill patients in
municipality. The study is theoretically rooted in a care perspective

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Introduction of the Cooperation Reform in 2012 (St. meld 47 (2006-2008)) has resulted
in a changed health and care service with several tasks transferred from the specialist health service
to the municipal health service. Patients are discharged from the specialist health care, earlier than
before this reform, with a continuing need for advanced medical treatment and care.
Specialized and advanced healthcare services are increasingly provided in the patient's home, at the lowest effective
level of health care. That presents challenges for today's health and care services.
There is a lack of competence to take good care for this patient groups, but exactly what there is a lack of competence
about is deficient, and that highlighted the need for rigorous research. It is important to optimize
nursing services to promote a good care and nursing to this vulnerable patient groups with complex
needs of health care.

The project has both a micro and a macro perspective on the health care
service provided to several ill patients. Gaining knowledge about this could also be important for the
education of nurses as they are responsible for providing good care to this patient group and their

This project is being conducting at UiT, Master in Nursing Science, Department of Health and Care Sciences

PI: Associated professor Kjersti Sunde Mæhre.

Group members: university lectures Anita Nytræ Helland and Thomas Holland


Kjersti Sunde Mæhre (Principal investigator)