Women's experiences of their encounters with health care workers after partner violence - a meta-ethnography

This international meta-ethnography will illuminate how women exposed to partner violence perceive their encounters with health care workers in different settings within the health care system globally

Exploring these women's first-person perspective will contribute to a better understanding of their expectations and needs. In addition, the meta-ethnography will show if the support they receive, can strengthen their possibility to speak up and seek help to escape from a violent relationship.  

We will include qualitative scientific articles according to the following inclusion criteria: Adult women (above 18) in all life stages and family contexts (married, cohabitant, boyfriend with or without children) exposed to violence by a male partner. How these women perceive treatment and support given by health care workers (nurses, doctors or other health care professionals) in hospitals, ambulances and community health care services. 

We will use Noblit & Hare's (1988) seven steps approach for meta-ethnographies. France et al. eMERGE guidelines (2019) will be used when reporting the study.  

Principal investigator: Gabriele Kitzmüller

Project members: Kjersti Zell Røssaak, Sari Lindgren, Terese Bondas


Gabriele Kitzmüller (Principal investigator)
Sari Johanna Lindgren