Nurses responsibility in caring for isolated patients

The aim of this project is to gain insight into how nurses experience the nursing responsibility in isolation. 


PPI, a protector and a distance creator Foto: National Guideline for infectious diseases

Through letting nurses describe their experiences, we want to make nurses aware of the importance of this part of nursing.

When the standard precautions, or basic hygiene are not sufficient to prevent infection occurring between patients and staff, the patient is often isolated with contact isolation, droplet isolation, and in special cases airbourne infection. Nurses on bedside duty often have responsibility for isolated patients and research shows that this can be experienced as demanding because it entails extra work.

Infection control has always been central to nursing and hygiene has been seen as a cornerstone since Nightingale. Hygiene and infection control are incorporated into the nursing profession and patient isolation is a part of this. However, there is an impression that isolation is now used in greater extent as a measure to prevent the spread of infection, and that this is influenced by the Covid pandemic.


Ragnhild Nicolaisen (Principal investigator)
Sofia Fagerheim Lockertsen

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