Ethical responsibility in public health nursing

 The phenomenon of ethical responsibility is a research focus  that  has been of interest to the PI for many years. It has resulted in the following publications:

2007: Clancy & Svensson: Faced with respponsibility Levinasian ethics and the challenges of responsibility ion Norwegian Public Health Nursingh

2014: Dahl Clancy Andrews. The meaning of ethically charged encounters and their possible influence on professional identity in Norwegian public health nursing: a phenomenological hermeneutic study.

2021: Tøllefsen, Olsen Clancy 2021.Nurses experiences of ethical responsibility: A hermeneutic phenomenological design

2023: Clancy, Hovden, Andreassen and Laholt:Public Health Nurses experiences of ethical responsibility-A metaethnography.

All publications pave the way for the current phase: Writing up a descriptive and interpretive theory of ethical responsibility- 2023-2024 



The purpose of the research project is to develop an understanding of ethical responsibility and to develop a descriptive interpretive theory of ethical responsibility in public health nursing. The research is important for the discipline of nursing. The theory will be based on the qualitative empirical studies, a purposeful literature review and metasynthesis of public health nurses’ experiences of ethical responsibility interpreted within a philosophical framework. The  results of the research have implications for education and practice and can provide direction for further studies on ethical responsibility in all nursing specialties.


Anne Clancy (Principal investigator)
Runa Anneli Andersen
Hilde Laholt

Financial/grant information:

No funding