Educating school nurses to promote a sustainable society

The purpose of the study is to create awareness of school nurses role in creating sustainable well-being societies.

Schoolchildren in a sustainable society Foto:

Background: Green transformation is an essential element of creating sustainable “well-being societies” which should be “committed to achieving equitable health now and for future generations without breaching ecological limits” (WHO, Geneva Charter for well-being, 2021). Crucial role is played by public health professionals who are promoting healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. There are discrepancies in the educational approaches at university level between countries and between particular regions within a country. 

Study 1 is a comparison of Polish and Norwegian curricular documents.

Study 2 is a desk study on sustainability and school nursing in Poland and Norway.


In study 1 we analyse Norwegian and Polish curricular content for a sustainable environmental focus. The content analysis will be based on comparison of the higher education curricular documents such as study plans and module descriptors for evidence of content on green transition.

In study  2 we focus on the theoretical foundations for sustainability related to the public health nursing level in school nursing practice. 

The project is a collaboration between researchers from Norway and Poland.

Sociologist Kinga Zdunek, Professor Anne Clancy and associate professor Hilde Laholt

Start: November 2023

End: November 2026


Hilde Laholt (Principal investigator)
Anne Clancy

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