PhD project: Reading groups in upper secondary school

This project explore how reading fiction in groups can be used as a health promotion intervention in upper secondary schools

Siblings of children with complex health care needs. Reading groups in school health services.  Foto:

This is an action research project where the overall aim is to promote support for siblings of children with complex health care needs and provide health promotion benefits for other pupils.

Siblings of children with complex health care needs are often not acknowledged nor met.
Public health nurses working in school health services are in a unique position to prevent diseases and promote health.
Reading and reflecting on literature can promote pupils’ ability to express their thoughts and feelings, as well as helping to clarify and challenge self-efficacy.
A new interdisciplinary subject Public Health and Life Mastery has been introduced as a general part of Norway’s national curriculum in schools.
This gives an opportunity for public health nurses and teachers to cooperate regarding health and life skills in a didactic framework.
Art is of great importance to our health, as it gives us aesthetic pleasure, and it can expand our framework of understanding by introducing us to new fields of thought and people other than ourselves.
Imagination can contribute to reflections and assumptions about other people, which can lead to the formation of a fellowship. 


Hilde Laholt (Principal investigator)
Sunniva Solhaug Fjelldal
Anne Clancy

Financial/grant information:

UiT The Arctic University of Norway