PhD project: Unwanted weight change during treatment for pediatric leukemia

How does children grow during treatment for pediatric leukemia?

Nutrtition is important when sick Foto:

Overall aim and hypotheses

This study will investigate the growth of children undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphocyttic Leukemia (ALL) in Norway from when the treatment protocol NOPHO ALL 2008 was initiated. To further seek knowledge on how negative weight changes occur, this study will investigate how health care personnel work and reflect to avoid negative weight change on a daily basis. The study is comprised of three work packages:

Study 1.          To map the nurses' role, and responsibilities in pediatric oncolog care- A scoping review

Study 2.          To investigate nurses’ experiences and clinical efforts with challenges to unwanted weight change during treatment of ALL in Norway. - A qualitative study

Study 3.          To investigate how children grow during pediatric leukemia treatment. - A quantitative study

Start: januar 01. 2022
End: juni 30. 2025
Unit: University Hospital of North Norway


Trond Flægstad
Håkon Kaurin Endal
Inger Pauline Landsem
Inger Jorun Danielsen