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SVF-8070 Approaches to analysis of qualitative data in social work and child welfare research - 5 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for barnevern og sosialt arbeid, Fakultet for humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og lærerutdanning

Type of course

This course may be taken as a single course by students who meet the admission requirements for the degree program in the PhD Programme in Humanities and Social Science.

Course contents

The choice of analytical strategy for the analysis of data is an important one in any qualitative research project. The course will provide an introduction to selected approaches for analysis of qualitative data. The focus is generating of data, analysis, and interpretation. Participants will be introduced to premises of and aims for a selected variation of qualitative analyses and learn how to assess the strengths and limitations of these approaches.

Lectures will provide practical examples for data analysis, thus enable participants to make a choice for the analytical strategy they will apply to the analysis of research data.

In addition to the lectures, participants are expected to discuss their data, interpretation of data, and analysis.

Admission requirements

Course code 9301 - Singular courses at PhD level

The primary target group for the course are candidates who have been admitted to the PhD programme in Humanities and Social Science but will also be open to others who wish to study the topic of the course in depth, including international students.

PhD students or holders of a Norwegian Master´s Degree of five years or 3+ 2 years (or equivalent) may be admitted. PhD students must upload a document from their university stating that they are registered PhD students.

Holders of a Master´s Degree must upload a Master´s Diploma with Diploma Supplement / English translation of the diploma. Applicants from listed countries must document proficiency in English. To find out if this applies to you see the following list:

For more information on accepted English proficiency tests and scores, as well as exemptions from the English proficiency tests, please see the following document:

The course is part of the Norwegian Research School for Social Work and Child Protection (NORWEL). PhD students who participate in NORWEL are given priority for admission, but other PhD students can also apply.

The course has 20 places, and a minimum of 5 must participate for the course to be organised.

If the number of applicants exceeds the available number of seats, applicants will be ranked from category 1 to 4.

• Category 1: Doctoral students enrolled in NORWEL.

• Category 2: Doctoral students from UiT and other universities

• Category 3: Applicants with a Master’s degree (120 ECTS) or equivalent.

• Category 4: Students attending a research study programme

Objective of the course

The PhD candidates have the following learning outcomes:


The PhD candidate


The PhD candidate

General competence

The PhD candidate

Language of instruction

English or Scandinavian, depending on the participants language proficiency.

Teaching methods

The course duration are 3 days.

The teaching is organised as a combination of lectures and presentations of the participants' analysis in their projects.