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Høst 2024

FRI-2581 Value-based Guiding and Teaching in Arctic Nature - 20 stp

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Type of course

The course can't be taken as a single course, just for students in the programme of Arctic Nature Guide

Course overlap

FRI-1701 Nature Guiding in Coastal Landscape 15 ects

Course contents

Value-Based Guiding and Teaching Arctic Nature will be taught throughout the whole of the academic year. The course includes a theoretical approach and a practical focus through field trips, practical work and leadership assignments. The course aims to gradually build-up the candidate’s expertise and competence in guiding in the Arctic nature. The course content and learning outcome is harmonized with the Specification of competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities of the International Mountain Leader in accordance with the UIMLA standard, managed in Norway by the Norwegian Nature Guide Association.The course is divided into 3 main themes:

Objective of the course



General competence

Language of instruction

English is the language of teaching and exam.

Teaching methods

Each student is expected to work 500 hours to achieve the learning outcomes of the subject.

This subject will be taught throughout the year with a focus on individual development. The teaching will include a combination of theoretical lectures, joint reflection discussions, guide and leadership assignments on all the trips, systematic self-evaluation and student evaluation, and supervisor discussions and case work. Guide role experience will be obtained through a practical training period. This period will be carried out as interval sessions in the autumn semester and in a longer period in the spring semester. The period should consist of about 150 hours in total. The candidate will develop a plan for the period, which must be approved by the teacher. The criteria for the period are given in a separate document, which candidates will receive at the start of the studies.

The field excursions and practice placement are following a development process during the study year. That means for participating in any new field excursion and the practice placement it is required one hundred percent participation on all previous field excursions and safety courses described in the course Safe Guiding in Arctic.