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Høst 2023

ELE-3603 Fundamentals of Programmable Controllers - 5 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for elektroteknologi

Type of course

The course can be taken as a single course.

Course contents

Different computer architectures

VHDL programming

Admission requirements

A relevant undergraduate Bachelor degree in Engineering program in power electronics and electrical machines. Basic knowledge in power systems is also an advantage.

In addition, the following requirements must be met:

- minimum 25 credits in mathematics (equivalent to Mathematical Methods 1, 2 og 3), 5 credits in statistics and 7,5 ects i physics on a higher level is required.

Application code: 9371

Objective of the course

After completing the subject, the candidate will have the following learning outcome:


The candidate knows

- the most common computer architectures, and can tell the difference between them, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of these.

- the VHDL hardware programming language.


The candidate can

- design and implement VHDL modules in an FPGA.

- describe and set up state machines with data-path in VHDL.

General competence:

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Classroom lectures and laboratory exercises first and second week, then an individual or group project with supervision via internet.