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Høst 2023

STV-1006 Arctic Norway - Aspects of Politics, Government and International Relations - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Type of course

The course can be taken as a singular course.

Course contents

This course begins with an introduction to the Norwegian political system and its institutions. A central issue vis-a-vis North Norway is management and protection of the region`s rich natural resources. With this as the point of departure, the course proceeds to focus on how institutions manage and conserve natural resources and the environment. These efforts are examined in the context of relevant international treaties and how international environmental policy cooperation has developed at a regional level. Empirical material is studied in the theoretical perspective afforded by the political-science sub-discipline of international politics.

Admission requirements

Nordic applicants: Generell studiekompetanse

International applicants: Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.

A list of the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway can be found on the web site from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). For language requirements we refer to NOKUT's GSU-list.

Application code: 9199 (Nordic applicants).

Objective of the course

Students who have successfully completed the course should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and comprehension

Knowledge of:



Language of instruction


Teaching methods

The course consists of 9 x 2 hours of lectures (total 18 hours), plus one excursion.

Quality control of the course

The course will be evaluated once during a program period