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Høst 2023

TEK-2007 Sustainable Design and Life Cycle Assessments - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for teknologi og sikkerhet

Type of course

The course is mandatory for students at Sustainable Technology, Engineering - bachelor.

The course is a technical specialization course and can be taken as a singular course.

Course contents

Central concepts: Sustainable thinking, product lifecycle, waste, energy, environmental life cycle assessment, Arctic operational conditions.

This course aims to inspire sustainable thinking across the entire product life cycle. Each decision a designer makes may be replicated hundreds or thousands of times and may shape the realities of those who engage with their creations. Engineers may contribute in creating sustainable products by focus on reducing negative consequences with respect to sustainability in the early product life cycle phases (concept, design, construction, installation, etc) through for example reducing energy usage in the manufacturing of components and energy usage in the use life cycle phase, and reduce waste creation in all phases, easy to maintain and operate product, finding cost effective design solutions, aesthetics, client priorities, etc.

This course will focus on sustainability in the design phase to reduce the negative effect a product may have on environment, and by training the engineers in assessing the sustainability problem, design tools and methods to reduce the impact the product may have on the environment and to create a sustainable future. Moreover, the course will provide you with knowledge and develop skills required to undertake an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Life cycle assessment is one of the key methodologies used to quantify the environmental impacts of a product or service over its full life cycle.

Admission requirements

Generell studiekompetanse eller tilsvarende realkompetanse samt matematikk R1 (S1 + S2) og R2 og Fysikk 1 (HING).

Søknadskode 9391

Objective of the course


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General competences

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Teaching methods

40 hours lectures, 10 hours exercises and seminars.