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Høst 2022

BIO-3529 Academic skills - 5 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi

Type of course

The course is reserved for students enrolled in the program Master of Science in Biology.

The course is given partly during the Autumn and partly during the Spring semesters 

Course contents

The course will give students academic skills in the form of scientific writing and giving scientific presentations within the natural sciences. 

The focus will be on acquiring skills to write a scientific text, structuring a scientific document (Master thesis, publication, including a concise abstract), incorporating scholarly resources, addressing methodological issues (including data management), performing literature searches and reviews. We will also devote time in refining academic English skills, and how to present research data, including graphic and oral presentations.

Moreover, we will discuss important issues such as use of sources and how to demonstrate academic integrity by showing which sources were used so that the prospective reader will be able to locate and verify the same sources. We will also discuss what is considered plagiarizing and scientific fraud (falsification/fabrication of data), and how a good scholarly reputation is evolving.

This course will prepare students for working with their master project and contribute to building a creative and constructive social network of master students at the faculty.

Objective of the course



General competence

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

The course is organized as interactive sessions combining theory, plenary discussions, group activities, and individual practice. Participants are expected to be active prior to and during the sessions. Reading material and other preparatory tasks will be provided in advance:

The course spans over two semesters. Ten lectures will be given during the first semester. Ten lectures and the group-work seminars will take place during the second semester.

Work load: 125 hours (20 h lectures; 20 hours group-work; 85 hours personal work), 15 hours examination preparation and exam.