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Høst 2022

MAS-2801 Subsea/Piping - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for industriell teknologi

Type of course

The course cannot be taken as a single course.

Course overlap

ITE1821 Subsea/Piping 10 stp

Course contents

The course will have a broad review of the following modules:

Objective of the course

The course will provide knowledge about techniques, tools, equipment, standards and regulations used in the offshore industry from different prospectives, such as, exploration and exploitation.


Students will subject have basic knowledge about the techniques and equipment used in the exploration and exploitation phases of oil and gas in offshore activities.

Students will also gain in-depth knowledge of related standards and regulations, as well as the design requirements for subsea structures and subsea pipeline systems.

Students will learn about tools used in the subsea oil industry.

Students will be able to apply relevant information for this type of work (LU-M-K-5)


Students will have a basic understanding of the connection between all activities performed from exploration phase towards the operation phase, including remarks on decommissioning of installations.

The skills will be useful in the bachelor thesis (LU-M-F-1.5)

General Competences

Students can participate in activities related with this topic, having a good understanding of the common practices in assessments, testing and simulation in terms of the use of resources. Students will manage economical and security considerations in the offshore activity (LU-M-G-1.2)

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Instruction of the course will consist of lectures, selected exercises and assignments/submissions oriented to build up the final submission in the course.

The teaching material of the course will be based on books and available actual data to be placed on "Canvas". Some self -directed study and learning must be expected. Calculations should be done first manually to understand the principles. Further calculations will be done with the support of computer programs, for example Matlab, or the commercial program named HYSYS. Access to the required programs can be done by remote desktop connection to the university server.

The main deliverable submission consists of a project report that contain descriptions of calculations, design aspects and functioning analysis of choices made on a subsea system, which must be submitted and presented in class to the rest of the students, teacher and other invited persons to the presentation.

Language of instruction and examination is English


Lectures and project work with supervision. The use of technical publications and videos of actual system are encourages during the classes. The project will cover different group activities. Written feedback on assignments and the project reports will be given.

Examination and assessment Examination scheme, test and assessment form, including which assessments should appear on the certificate, or which are included in the calculation basis for a grade that appears on the diploma.