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Høst 2021

FSK-3012 Geographical Information Systems for Coastal and Marine Resource Management - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Type of course

Master's course for students at the program Fiskeri- og havbruksvitenskap, retning ressursforvaltning and the Master's programme in International Fisheries Management (IFM). The course can also be taken as a singular course.

Course contents

The course is an advance course in GIS that will enable the students to make use of the system in aquatic, coastal and marine resource management and research. Students shall study relevant theories, methods and research design related to application of GIS in the field(s) related with the student's own master thesis or own interests in social sciences - related to aquatic resources, life and living in freshwaters, oceans, coasts, and littoral cities. 

The course covers topics like spatial thinking and reasoning in the context of marine governance, different methods of data input and data editing, data quality issues, GIS data models and database management. A larger section of the course is devoted to spatial analytical methods and the applications of GIS in coastal and marine environments. Students are trained in geo-statistical analysis, model building and basic python programming in GIS. The course will also introduce the students to qualitative and critical GIS. Further, it focuses on sources of errors and uncertainties in GIS in general, and challenges of use of GIS in blue governance in particular. 

The course will mainly use ESRI ArcGIS, but open-source alternatives (e.g. QGIS, R and Google Earth Engine) will also be introduced and used. 

The course is organized in theoretical and practical modules. Lectures, seminars, peer-teaching and similar teaching learning activities introduce the theoretical aspects; practical sessions that include computer labs (using hands-on experience), in-class-exercises, web courses and case-based instruction provide practical GIS skills.  

Application deadline

Applicants from Nordic countries: 1 June for the autumn semester. Applicants from outside the Nordic countries: 15 April for the autumn semester.

Admission requirements

Entrance requirements is FSK-2006 "Geographic information systems for marine resource and coastal management I" or similar background. Students who do not meet the requirement must have to take prerequisite course module.   

Application code 9371.  

Objective of the course

The course aims at offering students in-depth theoretical and practical insights in the application of GIS in social sciences related to fisheries and marine resource management. Students are made to reflect upon relevant GIS methods that could be relevant for their own master thesis project or in related theme.

Intended learning outcomes:

On completion of the course, the student should have the following learning outcomes:


The candidate:  


The candidate: 

General competences  

The candidate: 

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lectures, flipped classroom, seminars, computer labs, internet courses, peer teaching, problem/project based assignments. 


A written term paper (three-week home exam). The grading scale is A-F, where A-E are passing grades, while F means the course was not passed. 

Work requirements:

Re-sit exam:

Date for examination

Take home assignment hand out date 19.11.2021 hand in date 06.12.2021

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

Lectures Autumn 2021
Se timeplan
Lecture stip. Kari Elida Eriksen
post.doc. Ana Sofia Albuquerque Lima Aniceto
f.aman. Keshav Prasad Paudel
Seminar f.aman. Keshav Prasad Paudel
PC-Lab Informasjon om lab vil bli gitt av faglærer

f.aman. Melania Borit
stip. Kari Elida Eriksen
Gruppe 1 post.doc. Ana Sofia Albuquerque Lima Aniceto
f.aman. Keshav Prasad Paudel