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Vår 2021

NTF-8001 Present your science - 2 stp

The course is administrated by

Institutt for kjemi

Type of course

The course is reserved for students with admission to a PhD program.

Course contents

In this course you will learn how to present your PhD research project at a conference through scientific abstracts, scientific posters and flash presentations. Particular emphasis will be on i) selecting the main message you want to communicate, ii) structuring scientific abstracts and iii) adapting presentations to a particular audience.

Admission requirements

To take PhD courses you need to have at least a master's degree or equivalent. PhD students are exempt from semester fee.

PhD students at UiT The Arctic University of Norway register for the course through StudentWeb . 

External applicants apply for admission through SøknadsWeb. Application code 9303. All external applicants have to attach a confirmation of their status as a PhD student from their home institution. 

Objective of the course

After this course, you will



General competence

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English. The language of examination (portfolio) is English or a Scandinavian language.

Teaching methods

The course is given semi-intensively over three or four weeks with weekly assignments in Canvas. There will be three or four organized sessions of 3 hours each, consisting mainly of short exercises, student presentations and peer feedback. This comes in addition to individual work on the presentations and portfolio and peer-reviewing peer presentations.

Canvas will be used to provide the participants with information about the course and weekly assignments, various resources for preparing the presentations as well as guidelines for the peer-reviewing and the portfolio.


Assessment of the course is through a portfolio reflecting on the systematic improvements made on at least a scientific abstract, scientific poster and flash presentation. Detailed guidelines will be made available at the beginning of the course. Participants will get feedback on their portfolio during the course. The final version of the portfolio will be evaluated as pass/fail.

No re-sit exam.

Date for examination

Portfolio hand out date 23.04.2021 hand in date 05.05.2021

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.