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Høst 2020

BIO-3524 Applied Ecological Statistics - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Type of course

Master course for biology students and masterstudents in fishery science -  The course is available as a singular course.

Course contents

The course will primarily use students own data. In the beginning of the course each student should give an oral presentation of the background for their data, problems/hypothesis to be addressed. By intellectual teamwork/discussions and skilled supervising, good graphical presentations will be suggested, followed by relevant statistical analysis. Relevant statistical methods will be presented shortly in theory and practise. A short presentation of multivariate methods will be given, but a detailed and more developed introduction will be given in the PhD-course Bio-8514. The main platform for graphical presentation and statistical analysis will be the program SYSTAT, but introduction to other relevant programs could also be a possibility.

Application deadline

Concerns only admission to singular courses: Applicants from Nordic countries: 1 June for the autumn semester and 1 December for the spring semester. Exchange students and Fulbright students: 1 October for the spring semester and 15 April for the autumn semester.

Admission requirements

Local admission, application code 9371 - - Master`s level singular course. Admission requires a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) or equivalent qualification, with a major in biology of minimum 80 ECTS.  

Objective of the course

Increase master students competence in graphical presentation and statistical analysis. Theory and practical work at PC-laboratory will be given in full classes, but individual supervising will also be given. By this, students should be able to present, interpret and statistically evaluate own data. Develop their ability to critical thinking and increase interpretation skills. Students should also be able to choose, use and present results from multivariate analyses. Be able to use standard programs for presentation and statistical analysis of biological data.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

The course will be dominated by practical exercises at the PC-laboratory (40 h). Lectures and seminars in theory will be given (10 h), and there is an opportunity to develop this part based on feedback from the students. Students needs and wishes will to some extent decide course content. Special topics could be given as intensive lectures or PC-labs.


Home assignement: Project report. Grade: Passed/Failed.

Obligatory coursework requirements:

Two oral presentations required: one in the beginning of the course and a second presentation of the project report at the end of the course. PC exercises regarded as obligatory.

Re-sit exam: 

There will be a re-sit examination for students that did not pass the previous ordinary examination.

Date for examination

Project hand in date 18.12.2020

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.

Lectures Autumn 2020
First attendance: will be announced laterInterested students may contact Einar M. Nilssen at the Institute of Arctic and Marine Biology. E-mail to: Einar M. Nilssen
Lectures f.aman. Einar Magnus Nilssen
Computerlab gr. 1 f.aman. Einar Magnus Nilssen
Computerlab gr. 2 f.aman. Einar Magnus Nilssen
Seminars f.aman. Einar Magnus Nilssen