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Høst 2020

BIO-3810 Individual Special Curriculum - Master's Degree - 10 stp

The course is administrated by

Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Type of course

Master course for biology students. The course is not available as a singular course.  

Course contents

The course content will specifically adapted to the students and the supervisors field of interest. The course can have a theoretical or practical content, or a combination of both.

Objective of the course

This course will provide the student with a deeper understanding of a certain field of research

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English and all of the syllabus material is in English. Examination questions will be given in English, but may be answered either in English or a Scandinavian language.

Teaching methods

Individual supervision.


The exam form can be an oral exam, a written exam, a project paper or a combination of the three of them.

The exam will be graded passed/failed.