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PhD Programme in Natural Science


Duration:3 År
Credits (ECTS):180
Qualification:Philosophiae doctor (PhD) in Natural Science
Admission requirements:
Application deadline:Continuously
Application code:

Programme description

The PhD programme in natural sciense is 180 ECTS and consists of an instruction component (30 ECTS) and a research project that shall result in a thesis (150 ECTS).

The research project constitutes the main part of the study and is conducted under supervision of two or more supervisors. Often the PhD project is part of a larger research project and you will gain support from other research colleagues as well.

The instruction component consists of courses and the composition is individually adjusted. It is manadatory with a course in philosophy of science and ethics, and we recommend that you take SVF-8600 Philosophy of Science and Ethics (6 ECTS) to meet this requirement.

At the end of the study the candidate shal give a trial lecture on an assigned topic and defend the thesis in a public defense.

PhD candidates employed at the university have 25% duty work in addition. The duty work is mainly teaching, but it can be other tasks as outreach, recruitment or administrative work.

Programme structure

10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
1. sem. (autumn) MNF-8900 Ph.d.-avhandling i naturvitenskap - 150 stp. SVF-8600 Philosophy and Ethics of Science - 6 stp.
2. sem. (spring)
3. sem. (autumn)
4. sem. (spring)
5. sem. (autumn)
6. sem. (spring) MNF-8890 Ph.d. prøveforelesning i naturvitenskap - 0 stp.
7. sem. (autumn)
8. sem. (spring)
9. sem. (autumn)
10. sem. (spring)
11. sem. (autumn)
12. sem. (spring)
13. sem. (autumn)
14. sem. (spring)
15. sem. (autumn)
16. sem. (spring)

Learning outcomes

Candidates who have completed the PhD programme in natural science at BFE-fak shall have the following learning outcome defined in knowledge, skills and general competence:

Knowledge – the candidate

Skills – the candidate

General competence - the candidate

Teaching and assessment

The PhD work is carried out under the supervision and shall result in a thesis

Forms of instruction in the PhD courses varies between diciplines, but the most common are lectures, seminars, and teamwork, but some courses also include laboratory work, cruices and field work.

About halfway into the study, a midway evaluation shall take place.

The instruction component needs to be completed and approved before the thesis can be submitted for evaluation. If the thesis is found worthy of a public denfense, the candidate shall give a trial lecture on an assigned topic. When the candidate has given the trial lecture and got it approved, he / she is going to defend the thesis in a public defense.

Job prospectives

A doctoral degree qualifies for high positions in business life, management, higher education and research